The ragdoll is a semi-longhaired cat of Himalayan pattern and come in three variations which are colour point, mitted (white feet) or bi-colour all with blue eyes.

 The name comes from the ability these cats have to relax and go completely limp when being handled, but of course only when it suits them.  They are playful, gentle and affectionate cats who seem to have a “nothing bothers me” attitude.  They make quiet sweet and endearing pets and appear to love being carried around and held by their owners, whether adult or child although their docile nature could make them vulnerable to boisterous youngsters. Ragdoll’s are a great breed for children as they don’t mind being howled around and being dressed up. The ragdoll is an all-around ideal family cat.

            Their coat is thick & silky but non-matting so only moderate, but regular grooming is required, and unlike other cat breeds ragdoll’s do not have an undercoat, which is typically the cause for excessive shedding in cats.  As a result the ragdoll cat will still shed, but nothing compared to other fluffy cat breeds.  The other advantage of the lack of undercoat is that a lot of people that are usually allergic to cats can have a ragdoll.  Most people are either allergic to cat saliva or to their undercoat. Of cause the people allergic to cat saliva will also be allergic to a Ragdoll; however those allergic to the undercoats will not be allergic to a Ragdoll.  Unfortunately there is not an easy way to know which allergy that you have.  It would need to be tested by a dermatologist.

            Ragdoll’s are very intelligent cats and have no trouble learning tricks. They love to fetch balls and carry things about the house in their mouths; they find the simplest things amusing and will bring so much happiness and joy to your family and home.  Often called “Puppy cats” as they never want to leave your side and are forever trying to make you happy and please you, just so you can give them another hug!

Girls generally weigh less than the boys, but they all share the same special characteristics of the sweet temperament, pretty blue eyes, silky non-matting fur and the generous size that the breed is renowned for.  Health wise they are a very hardy breed & rarely require medical attention.

These photo's are of Ann Baker and her Original Ragdolls