About Us

Welcome to Ragroyalty Ragdolls Established by Selena & Shaun in 2011.

I dreamed of having ragdolls from a very young girl and when it became possible for me to become a registered breeder and make my dream come true, Phantom was my first ever stud boy who started the ball rolling.

We are a small closed NZCF Registered Pedigree Accredited Ragdoll Cattery based in the beautiful Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa. Just 20mins north of Albany, Auckland.

We are dedicated & passionate about Ragdolls, for several reasons. They have a beauty like no other with a nature & passion to be loved and give love to their human companions. If you're looking for a new best friend and family member, look no further a ragdoll is for you, for sure. They will be your new shadow and a delight to own.

Our ragdolls are sold on the understanding that they are indoor companion cats and will only be allowed outside the house under adult supervision or on a harness & lead. So, when you go inside so does your Ragdoll.

We are devoted to breeding true Ragdolls with blue eyes and a colourpoint coat. Along with raising happy, healthy, confident, well socialized, affectionate and intelligent pedigree ragdolls with the true Ragdoll relaxed temperament. To see all the different colours and patterns of this amazing breed please click here

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