Max and Wilbur are proving a fabulous addition to our family. They are so good natured and get on so well with each other, It is a joy to have them around. Thank you for all the help you have provided all the way through,from your advice in choosing a suitable pair,to what to do when we got them home,checking in with us on how things were going over the first week and being so quick to answer any question I might have. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and has left us feeling very confident in our choice of kittens and happy in the knowledge that on-going help is there if we ever need it.

Abi and family - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Abel & Ragroyalty Prince Caden

We researched the best types of cats to live indoors and found that ragdolls were perfect, so after thoroughly researching, we decided to go with Ragroyalty Ragdolls. Not only do the kittens come with a care package, photos of their first 12 weeks and a few of their toys,treats and more, they are also the cutest ragdolls you'll find! And pedigree too! You can trust Selena and Ragroyalty Ragdolls to give your kitten the best possible start & care prior to receiving your lovely, cute wee fur baby.

Stacey Campbell - Wellington
Ragroyalty Timon

Oscar is an absolute delight. Michelle and I watch his antics all the time, he is so beautiful. He tries so hard to make friends with Eddie the Bichon/Maltese who tries to ignore him, or runs away from him - so Oscar has been known to jump on his back to try to make him play, and occasionally gets a game of chasing. He has different meows for different needs, and waking me in the morning for breakfast is very demanding. We are so glad to have him as he adds to much happiness to our daily lives. By the way, he puts his arms up to be brushed and purrs with the tip of his tongue out! Thank you for Oscar

Jill and Michelle Skafer - Hastings
Ragroyalty Prince Tyson

Would like to say a huge thank you to Ragroyalty Ragdolls. Prince Chase (Ace) is a dream, hes so snugly yet playful and is so beautiful. Ragroyalty took care of all the 'technical' things such as micro chipping, fixing and vaccinations so when our boy arrived we could just enjoy time with him. We will definitely be purchasing our next fur baby.

Matty Judd - Wellington
Ragroyalty Prince Chase

I am the proud owner of Ragroyalty Ragdolls. I brought Zoe home on the 18th February 2016 from a wonderful loving caring breeder. When I went to see Zoe as a new born kitten I could not get over the love given to her from Selena and the cleanliness of her breeding home. She has settled so well into my home sleeping with me every night and giving me so much love. She is a delight to have and I will be every so grateful to Selena to enabling me to have such a beautiful kitten.

Shirley Howell - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Missy

Diva is our very first “pure” Ragdoll. She has an awesome personality and is such a wonderful member of our family. Selena was a pleasure to deal with and regularly checks up on Diva of which we provide her updated pictures and stories. I would highly recommend Ragroyalty Ragdolls, they were a pleasure to deal with.

Rochelle Pattinson - Auckland
Ragroyalty Diva

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Selena right from the first day I made contact with her about her kittens. She responded very quickly to my email and immediately invited me over to see her babies. It was wonderful to be able to see where the kittens grow up, how very well cared for and loved they are. Every couple of days Selena would send text messages with photos or videos of our baby and let us visit our kitten while we waited for her to be ready to come home. She always spent a lot of time talking to us and we never felt rushed. Once our baby was ready to go home Selena sent us home wonderfully prepared with food, toys and a blanket to help her settle in to her new home. We absolutely loved going through the CD of photos of our baby from her birth right up until she was ready to come to us. It was so wonderful to be able to be part of our baby’s life from the day she was born. Nora is most wonderful and loving kitten. She follows us around and gives us plenty of cuddles, and is quick to let us know if she is hungry or needs a tummy rub. She quickly and easily settled into our very busy household and is all due to the wonderful care that she received as a kitten. Selena is a wonderful person and a very special breeder that genuinely loves and cares for her cats and kittens. We all feel very lucky and fortunate to have such a gorgeous and special kitten from this amazing breeder.

Nikki Civin - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Nora

Our we Ragdoll Zoe is a perfect addition to our family. What a character she is, playing, following us around and even making friends with our other cat. We can’t thank Selena enough for her advice on a suitable kitten and help with all our questions. After all the settling in advice food, toys and Zoe’s photo history, we had such a smooth transition into our home. A Ragdoll from Ragroyalty is a perfect choice for a furry companion.

Mary Edwards - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Katie

Selena was a knowledgeable, responsible breeder who went above and beyond to make sure her kittens were healthy and happy. She happily answered any questions we had once Tai was home and was always available to help. Tai is absolutely adorable and is the sweetest kitten, we can't wait to watch him grow up. We would highly recommend Ragroyalty Ragdolls for anyone wanting to purchase a Ragdoll kitten!

Mardie Lythe - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Tai

Hugo has been with us since September 2015, He has truly settled into our lives we couldn't be happier with him, he just loves his life here with all his friends , I wish to thank Selena for letting us have him she was just wonderful to deal with from start to pick up witch she made very easy for us by meeting us at the Airport after we got back from overseas to give us Hugo . Selena you have one very happy family with the new addition of Hugo Thank you so much.

Karen Archer - Cambridge
Ragroyalty Prince Blaze

After having pedigree Persians for over 25 years we thought it was time for a change. I spoke with my good friend Robin from Cats Protection Christchurch who suggested that we look at Ragdolls. So then the research started and after reading all about them we decided that's what we need and it has to be a boy. We looked local and could not find anything that we liked. Went global and found Selena from Ragroyalty. There it was, Luka an 18 month Boy who was just what we wanted. So then the emails, photos and phone calls started. Was not sure who was checking who out but after nearly a fortnight my wife Helen, daughter Emma were on a plane to meet Luka and Selena at Auckland airport. Here was this great looking cat that they both fell for over a coffee. That's when it all started for us. We have never looked back from the very first day he arrived at our Motel Complex. He is the Boss. We have no hesitation in Recommending Selena for your next Ragdoll as we are so happy with Luka.

Helen & Grant Wright - Christchurch
Ragroyalty Luka

I could not be happier with our beautiful “dolls”. They have such unique loving personalities and have fitted into our family so well. I was genuinely impressed with the love and devotion that Selena has for her “fur babies” and the interview process she undertakes before letting her babies go to their forever homes. If you are after a new member for your family that is very loved with lots of personality I strongly recommend a Ragroyalty Ragdoll Kitten.

Amanda Edmands - Auckland
Ragroyalty Zion & Ragroyalty Sharla

Since Lara's arrival in our home Lara has been the most delightful, cuddly, playful kitten I have ever owned. She settled into our home as if it had always been hers. Her playful, loving nature are just the best smile medicine ever. Selena's loving care during Lara's early months have shone through in the gorgeous kitten we have now. Having owned a recently deceased Ragdoll, we are used to the unique characteristics of the breed, and Lara has exceeded everything we thought we would ever have in a new Ragdoll kitten. I'm so happy she has become part of our household. I love everything about her. If I ever have reason to buy another Ragdoll kitten I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Selena. Her kittens are just the best.

Sylvia Maunder - Carterton
Ragroyalty Princess Zara

We have had our beautiful ragdoll kitten for nearly two weeks now and she is so at home and we just love her. Cannot commend Selena enough for her friendly manner, her patience with all my queries etc and the spotless surroundings where her cats and kittens are reared and cared for. Nothing was too much trouble for Selena, she responded promptly to txts and was just lovely to deal with. I feel very lucky to have been able to have a gorgeous kitten from Ragroyalty, thanks so much Selena, your feline furries are simply the best!

Stella and Peter - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Nova

I am so happy with my gorgeous fur babies, Dexter and Mia. They are incredible kittens who came to me already litter trained and very well behaved and socialized. Selena has done an amazing job raising these kittens and it is obviously her passion. She has kept in touch and was extremely helpful in the preparation for my new additions by giving me food, toys and blankets to help them settle into their new home. Dexter is fun loving, playful and adventurous and loves cuddles and Mia is a little bit more cautious but soon follows behind her brother! I don't need to watch TV anymore! Thank you Selena for all your hard work. Your Ragdolls are just fabulous x

Sheila Brown - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Mia & Ragroyalty Prince Zane

We love our ragdoll baby to bits! She is so good natured with our 2 young children (and all their friends!) and has been the perfect addition to our family. Selena was wonderful to deal with throughout the process. We love that she really cares about her babies and the homes that they go to – our Bella was fully toilet trained, had, had all her vet checks etc and even came with her own little starter box to ease her into life in her new home. We highly recommend Selena and her ragdoll babies!

Sarah & Colin Davies - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Bella

From the moment we saw Star we were all Star struck. He is everything Selena said he would be, absolutely affectionate, friendly, laid back and adorable. He has slotted into our family amazingly well and has become friends with the dog and rabbit. 1 week later with 2 children’s birthday parties, where is Star? Having a nap amongst the chaos! When I first phoned Ragroyalty Ragdolls and spoke to Selena she was so friendly and helpful. By the end of the conversation I wanted to get a kitten through her. Selena had a feeling that Star would be right for our family, and we’re really grateful that she has trusted her baby to us. It has been so fantastic to go through Ragroyalty Ragdolls. We know we can phone Selena anytime to ask any type of questions and she’ll be there to help. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ragroyalty Ragdolls.

Sally O'Hagan - Auckland
Ragroyalty Star of the Show

Thank you Selena, from the bottom of our hearts! You helped us find the perfect kitten! Léon is doing super well and has been feeling relaxed and at home since day 5! You truly care about your kittens and where they go, this in turn is reflected in your kittens' personalities and how they react Léon was fully litter trained and is a social and confident little guy :) Thank you for being so supportive and for always being available to answer our questions! We all love Léon to bits! He lives for hugs and cuddles, I've honestly never had such an affectionate pet in my life !

Oceane Clement - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Parker

We are so lucky to have Prince Neo from Ragroyalty Ragdolls who was renamed as Coco by my daughter. Coco is such a happy kitten with lovely personalities fitting into our family so well from the very first day. He was cuddling up to us like a baby doll and purring with his little generator always on. He is really a puppy cat and likes to follow us around but also quite independent and calm which allows him to enjoy quiet time just by himself. Coco is eating well, sleeping well, and well toilet trained by Selena with no accident in our house at all. It is a absolute pleasure to deal with Selena. She understood our expectations and helped us to have a gorgeous kitten best for our family. She was so kind to drop off Coco to our house, went through all the details and helped me to set up everything for Coco. The starter box from Selena makes it easier for Coco to start his new life with us. We have a 4 month husky puppy named Bailey. Selena even helped introducing Coco to Bailey. Selena is so helpful and professional. She always replies my questions promptly and patiently. I have already recommended Selena to my friends and would definitely be recommending her without hesitation. Lovely Coco and lovely Selena!

Ning Ye - Hamilton
Ragroyalty Prince Neo

Hi Selena, just wanted to say a massive thank you for our gorgeous wee man Apollo. I'm so pleased we decided to fly up and meet all the kitten's (& completely change our mind on who we were taking home! Sorry Cooper!) Apollo is the perfect example of a Ragdoll in looks and personality, and exactly what I described to you as per my "wish list". He has fitted into our very loud, busy family of 3 kids, 3 other Ragdolls and a crazy mini foxy with ease. He takes everything in his stride and is loving visiting the grandparents with the kids on the weekend's. I couldn't imagine a more perfect wee kitty and we all love him to bits..... My wee boy Ragroyalty Prince Apollo is by far the most perfect Ragdoll kitten I have ever met. (& I have had 4 others from different breeders) Would recommend Selena to anyone after a gorgeous, well adjusted, placid kitten. If we ever need another Raggie baby it will only be from her! Total Purrrrrrrfection! x

Melissa Elvines - Nelson
Ragroyalty Prince Apollo

We have had an amazing experience purchasing our ragdoll babies from Selena this year. We love the first one so decided to bring another into the mix and so Jasper came home a week ago. Selena was patient and tireless in her efforts to settle him in with our girl Sapphire , who wasn't as happy to see him as we were. But things settled after a couple of days and Selena being more than helpful in showing us how to make the transition to a harmonious relationship between the two. We couldn't recommend Selena highly enough to anyone interested in bringing a gorgeous ragdoll into their family. Huge thanks Selena, our two are great together and we're loving them.

Stella Lord - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Nova & Ragroyalty Prince Jasper

Dealing with Selena from Ragroyalty Ragdolls was a pleasure from the start. She always responded to my emails in a very timely manner and answered any questions very clearly - she was so easy to deal with. The love she has for all her cats and kittens was very evident and I was super impressed with her efforts to find the right home for each kitten, given its individual temperament and personality. Letting the kittens choose their new owners is, in my mind, the only way to ensure a good match. We are thrilled with our darling fur baby. He is so laid back, loves cuddles and is so gentle-natured. We all love him so much and it's all thanks to Selena and her selection process that we have the perfect cat for our family........ Harry is truly an amazing cat! My husband, Nick, admits that he's not generally a cat person but he often says getting Harry was a great decision and he says as far as cats go you can't get any better....... Harry is super laid back and you only have to look at him and he'll flop down on his back for a belly rub. Even as I write this he's smooching with me for affection. And he often has us laughing at his antics. If there's anything out of place, for example a puzzle or game left on the floor, or something put somewhere for cleaning etc, he seems to think it's a new spot to try to sleep - sometimes in the oddest places. One day the kids had tipped all the lego out of its storage box onto the floor, so Harry saw that as an invitation to try out that box. He tried is darnedest to make himself fit in a box that was only big enough for him to stand in. But he was determined to try to snuggle up and get comfortable. He turned and turned in that box and tried virtually every position a cat can try to curl up in there, but after a good 10-15 minutes of trying every which way he finally admitted defeat..... So again I just want to say from all of our family, thank you so much for Harry and the wonderful start he had with you - we love him to bits!

Marlena & Nick Bayley - Napier
Ragroyalty Prince Harry

Thank you very much for Orlando. We have such beautiful and cute kitten at home now and my sons are very happy. Orlando loves to play and he always wants to be with people. Thank you also for so high quality service. We know we always can ask you any questions regarding Orlando and this is very supportive.

Marina Borodatova - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Orlando

Selena is a top notch breeder and her kittens are outstanding. They have personality plus and look amazing. I have two Ragdolls from Selena and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Ragdoll. You will not be disappointed.!!!

Maria Arhanic - Queenstown
Ragroyalty Prince Jackson & Ragroyalty Princess Libby

Selena really cares about her kitten and is super easy to deal with from start till pick up. A big thank you for raising our sweet and beautiful princess Coco. Coco is the most socialable kitten and always keeps me company. After a long and tiresome day at work,to be able to just cuddle with her really relax me. She is also very playful but at the same time, well-trained with good manners. Coco has now won everyone's heart and has become an important member of the family. Would highly recommend Selena to anyone who wants a healthy and happy kitten.

Maggie Zhang - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Coco

We purchased our beautiful ragdoll Jax which we renamed Leo from Selena at Ragroyalty Ragdolls. Selena was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Leo is a beautiful kitten and we all love him. He is always very happy, playful and loves attention from us and we love the attention from him. Selena knew how Leo would develop and what he needed and she was so right! We'd had serious problems with other breeders before we found Selena. Selena put our minds to rest and even though we trusted her and believed what she was telling us, Selena then backed up this reinforcement with information like DNA checks, etc. This attention to detail was a great comfort to us. She is so passionate about her kittens and cats and really understands what’s the best for them. Selena provided a really nice balance of checking up on Leo with an understanding that if you’re not sure about something she is only a phone call away. Our experience of dealing with Ragroyalty Ragdolls has been exemplary.

Kenneth Webb - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Jax

We have enjoyed dealing with Selena of Ragroyalty Ragdolls. When I started the search for a kitten, I looked up all the breeders of Ragdolls. Selena was the only one that came back to me and let me know when she would have a litter due. She also sent me a detailed email of the price to expect and what is included. It was the most professional email and answered all the Questions I had. Once the litter was born we had regular emails updating us on the kittens and then we got the chance to visit and see our kitten. Again could not fault Selena’s helpful and kind nature and you could see her love for the kittens and what she does. We now have our kitten at home with us, Sapphire. She is the most beautiful kitten and well trained and of such a great nature. I believe this is due to the way the breeder looks after and cares for her litters.

Kaye Watson - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Sapphire

We absolutely loved working with Selena at Ragroyalty Ragdolls. The whole process was amazing and the photos and updates every second week were so cool to see to be able to watch them grow. We were able to go and visit Selena and our kittens early on which was really special. Selena clearly loves these animals and they are so well looked after and cared for. Once we took them home they settled in so well, are very well trained and have the most beautiful loving nature as well as cheeky little personalities but they are so much fun! We had everything we needed, and Selena keeps in touch and easily contactable if you have any questions. The process was so smooth and I would highly recommend to anyone! Our babies are perfect and we are very much in love. Thank you Selena for everything, and for our beautiful cats Indie and Carter!

Katie Glynn - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Indy & Ragroyalty Prince Carter

We love our wee Ruby who joined our family in July 2018 that we are waiting on her wee brother Teddy to join us in December! Ruby will have a playmate. Selena is so wonderful, always available to answer questions, give awesome advice and loves to hear about all her babies that have left her care. Thank you Ragroyalty Ragdolls!

Julie Satherley - Taupo
Ragroyalty a Touch of Class

Princess Chloe has settled in very nicely & is the perfect addition to our family. She is such a sweet & patient girl - especially with out two young children who get rather excited when she's around. She loves hanging out with people & is not shy when it comes to greeting new visitors. You've been great to deal with from the get-go and i knew we were off to a good start when you sent us the questionnaire to fill in & was open to multiple visits from us - it shows that you really care about these beautiful ragdolls and the families they end up with. Thank you for your supporting us throughout Chloe's settling-in process - you remind me of our midwife, always on-call & ready to drop everything to help! We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase a ragdoll kitten.

Judy Buckingham - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Chloe

She has settled in perfectly and is loved by the whole family. I have seen more of my nephew in the past week that I have the whole year! She is a real smoocher and I am so pleased that I have her. I could not believe how informative Selena was and everthing had all been done. It was a very thorough process and I loved the weekly process reports. I may need to get her a playmate next Xmas!

Jeanine Ward - Wellington
Ragroyalty Princess Ella Bella

I've had my ragdoll, Bentley, for three years now. He is so well trained, so beautiful, and such a wee personality. I'm really glad I got a ragdoll from Ragroyalty Ragdoll as there is support from Selena if needed, and she knows everything about this breed.

Jenny Bridgen - Wellington
Ragroyalty Prince Charming

Charlie has been a member of our family for 5 weeks now and he is the most well adjusted, adorable and outgoing kitten. It is a testament to Selena's lovely way with her kittens that Charlie is such a social and interactive little guy. This is in contrast to our other girl, also a Ragdoll (from someone else) who wasn't so lucky in her start to life and still has emotional issues because of it. Right from the start it has been a pleasure dealing with Selena, her attention to detail,the great videos on Facebook where we could see Charlie growing up among his siblings. I can't speak highly enough of the whole experience that Selena creates. It's the love that she puts into her kittens that makes the difference . If you can I would recommend getting two kittens together.

Janey Hay - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Mason

We were looking for a friendly cat to add to our family. I'd never had pets growing up so I asked around to see what kind of cat would suit us, we have 3 small children. Overwhelmingly Ragdolls were at the top of most people's list. I saw Poppy on Selena's website and thought she'd be perfect. We made a time to meet her and fell in love. We also fell in love with Coco! So we ended up with two gorgeous little kittens. It's hard to believe they've only been with us a few weeks, they're great company and great fun. They are the best of friends (even though they love to play fight). We're really grateful to Selena, firstly because she breeds beautiful cats but also because she made bringing them into our family so easy. I really didn't know what they needed but she was full of great advice and promised that she was only ever a phone call away if I needed her. As a result I feel really confident and the kittens have settled in really well.

Hilary Dobson - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Sydney & Ragroyalty Dreams are Free

After our initial enquiry to Ragroyalty Ragdolls, Selena replied promptly and invited us to her home to see her current litter. We were welcomed indoors and into a room where the kittens and their Mother (secured, not caged) played. The kittens were approximately 8 weeks old. While we played with the cutest balls of fluff, Selena’s hands on, caring approach in helping raise the kittens was evident and her informative knowledge on Ragdolls was extensive and incredibly helpful. After choosing one, we then had to wait until the kittens had all their veterinary requirements and were old enough to leave. Selena eased our impatience by allowing weekly visits and regular updates via texts and photographs on Ragroyalty Facebook page. Collection was exciting and effortless. Selena’s thoroughness ensured our kitten had the best new home care possible and we were encouraged to keep in contact with regular updates. Personally, after having mostly pedigree cats for the last 18 years. I’ve been enormously impressed with the way Ragroyalty is owned and operated in comparison to other breeders. Their kittens come well trained and adjusted to everyday life. Thank you for supplying us with our healthy, gorgeous, adored kitten.

Read-Ellis Family - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Liam

If you are looking for an amazing addition to your family, I highly recommend Selena and her beautiful kitties. Our cat, Kristopherson, is such a beautiful loving fun sweet kitten, and has fitted in with our family straight away. This, I truly believe, is due to the way in which Selena breeds her cats, but also the care and attention that goes into every aspect of that journey. I was so pleased to see the kittens raised in such a clean warm lovely setting, and so healthy and lovely from the first time we meet them. Selena cares so much for her cats and makes it such an easy lovely process to adopt one too. When we are ready for the second addition, it will be through Ragroyalty Ragdolls again.

Heather Keats - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Noah

I would like to thank Selena at Ragroyalty Ragdolls for our beautiful girl Alaska. Alaska has fitted into our family perfectly and we are absolutely smitten with her! She is very affectionate, clever and playful. She came to us already litter trained, and has transitioned to her new home wonderfully. Selena is extremely knowledgeable and i would highly recommend. Thanks again for our gorgeous baby.

Hayley Smith - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Kelly

Sky is a very well settled Kitten, no problems with him at all which demonstrates the care he was given before moving to his forever home with me. Selena obviously cares a great deal about the well being of all the kittens and breeds due to the love of them. She also has been very patient and helpful with all my questions.

Harriet Copestake - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Dippy

Hi Selena, I just wanted to say a big thank you for letting Lola join our family. She is the most beautiful wee girl and she has amazed me how well she has handled so many big changes and new things, which is a real testament to how she has been raised. She has fitted right in as if she has always been here. We really appreciated receiving all the photos and updates as she has been growing, and knowing our little girl was coming from such a loving home.

Gemma Fawthorpe - Christchurch
Ragroyalty Princess Lola

We now have two of Selena’s fur babies as part of our family. Kristopherson came first, then we adopted his half sister 6 months later, same father different mother. They are the sweetest, cheekiest and most loving animals I have ever owned. Ragdolls are a beautiful breed of cat, but knowing they have come from such a loving and caring breeder, I believe, has made them even more special. Selena takes so much time and energy out of her own life to give these kittens the best start, and it’s knowing this that makes recommending her easy.

Keats Family - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Layla

We bought 3 Ragroyalty Ragdolls in June 2018 (our first pets) and Selena made the process really wonderful. We were invited for weekly visits with our kittens until they were old enough to come home and Selena provided updates with candid images and movie clips whenever we wanted to see how our fur babies were going. Selena was completely transparent about the kittens lineage and test results, which really eased my nerves. But, above and beyond the top notch Ragdoll kittens Selena nurtured for us was her ongoing support (as much as a year later for us and still going). Clients are invited to join the Ragroyalty Family FB group to share photos and info. We can see how our cats litter mates are growing even when they live internationally, or find out that everyone’s cats were off their food because the weather was too hot, and it’s fine - don’t stress. Having a little online community for my cats is useful and fun. I recommend Selena 100%. She is a caring and knowledgeable breeder who provides a superior service.

Emma Anderson & Leigh Gordon - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Levi, Ragroyalty Prince Brody & Ragroyalty Princess Rose

We are the very proud and happy "parents" of Archie, a beautiful Ragdoll boy from Selena at Ragroyalty. We were looking for a Ragdoll after the sad passing of our Ragdoll boy, a special member of our family for 15 years. We were very happy to find and meet Selena who breeds adorable, healthy, hand reared kittens in a very clean, loving and homely environment. We were able to visit Archie regularly before he came home with us and this helped with a very smooth transition. Archie is affectionate, intelligent, playful, friendly, confident and loves being with us. He brings us so much joy! I would highly recommend Selena to anyone who is wanting a well breed, healthy and loving Ragdoll kitten. A big thank you to Selena for our beautiful Archie!

Carolyn Ellis - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Justice

Selena made adopting our kitten easy as her knowledge of the ragdoll breed and their needs is outstanding, along with her willingness to answer any questions we had. Our kitten is happy and healthy and came with everything he needed to get started. We were very impressed with how well her kittens were looked after and appreciated getting to sit and meet each of the kittens while learning everything we needed to know from Selena. We couldn’t be happier with our fluffy new addition to the family.

Andreea Grigore - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Asher

We have adopted four beautiful Ragdolls from Selena. She is always a pleasure to deal with, is extremely professional, and goes above and beyond with any help or advice we may need. I would happily recommend Ragroyalty Ragdolls

Stephanie & Brendan Hambrook - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Kody, Ragroyalty Prince Sebastian, Ragroyalty Prince William & Ragroyalty Princess Ava

Couldn’t have wished for a more loving and beautiful kitten! Selected carefully for our needs by the lovely Selena! Absolute pleasure to deal with! So informative with such a genuine care for her Ragdolls!

Ruby Rowe - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Millie & Ragroyalty Prince Ace

We are super happy with our kitten Sophie who we adopted as a 6 month old. She has fitted in with our family so easily. she is such a delight, and very healthy & happy which is a testament to Selena. I would also like to thank Selena for all her support and advice. you are amazing.

Maree Green - Hastings
Ragroyalty Majestic Charm

Selena loves and cares for her Ragdolls. Her kittens are sociable, healthy and beautiful Ragdolls. Quin is a handsome seal point, who is a curious, happy purr machine. I recommend Ragroyality Ragdolls, the cats are cared for in a home environment where they receive the best care.

Fiona Wells-Lakeland - Hamilton
Ragroyalty Prince Quin

Totally recommend Selena and her fur babies. She takes care of all queens and studs and their children so well. Great at matching kittens to prospective owners too and always lots of info provided which I looove......My kitten is just perfect and I’m so glad he had such a great upbringing with his mum and siblings too. Totally recommend and would love another (at some point down the line) from Selena.

Amy Tappenden - Christchurch
Ragroyalty Prince Sir George

Amazing breeder of the ragdoll breed. She really cares for her kittens and cats and this is evident throughout. Very prompt with messages and great communication with lots of useful information. Jasper is an awesome kitten and quickly settled in despite the long travel to our house. We look forward to watching him grow. Thanks again Selena

Amanda Christensen - Hawera
Ragroyalty Prince Aiden

Absolutely love our boy Theo! Selena was amazing to deal with from the very first contact, I would highly recommend her and her ragdolls. I'm looking forward to adding another one to our family in the future

Monique Rowe - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Ezra

Selena is a wonderful breeder through and through. Millie is our very first pet and first kitten so obviously there was a lot of anxiety, we were unsure of a lot of things (despite the help of google), and when we went to pick Millie up on the day, we were worried we were going to drown Selena with our endless questions. but she’s so kind and helpful, never once brushed off our worries and made sure that Millie’s transition to us is as smooth as possible. I honestly don’t think you’ll find a more responsible breeder who loves her kittens as much as us owners do. each kitten to her is her baby and it really does show with the amount of care and love she puts into taking care of them until they’re ready to leave home. I highly recommend a ragdoll too! They really are the sweetest cats, loves cuddles, plays fetch!, and funny. Really couldn’t have asked for a better fur baby. Thank you Selena!

Nathalie Chong - Auckland
Ragroyalty Wish List

We got Sassi from Ragroyalty Ragdolls.... I am absolutely in love with her & couldn’t have imagined a more suitable cat for our family. She fits in so well. Thanks to Selena’s help for this. All information & advise given was perfect...Thank you

Adrienne Holder - Auckland
Ragroyalty Knock Your Socks Off

I can’t recommend Selena highly enough, she has been absolutely amazing! From our very first enquiry about a Ragdoll Kitten, to our first meeting, bringing our kitten home and the ongoing support she has given us when we’ve had questions or concerns. She always responds quickly and even did a same day home visit to check our kitten was doing ok. She has a wealth of knowledge and is so happy to help. I don’t think you could find a service like that anywhere else. Not only do I recommend Selena, but also her beautiful Ragdolls. Our Kitten ‘Blue’ is everything we ever wanted and more. You can see the effort that has been put into them from the moment they were born. We are already looking into getting another one.

Joelle Iyey - Auckland
Ragroyalty Fancy Free

I have recently purchased two kittens from Selena, and our family couldn’t be happier! Selena is very knowledgeable about Ragdolls, and worked with us to find the kittens that would best fit our young family. She is always there to answer questions, and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of all her kittens. This is evident in both her manner, and the loving and gentle temperaments of our kittens. My children are in absolute heaven with the new additions to our family! Thank you so much for everything!

Liisa Stuart - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Wilson & Ragroyalty Princess Gabby

My boy Hugo came from Ragroyalty Ragdolls. I selected her cattery as she prepared the kittens so well. They are healthy and well fed to grow on as lovely healthy cats. I have had two bad experiences before with other breeders so I was delighted with Selena. Hugo has a wonderful personality and is a real smooch just what I asked her for. Selena delivers what you ask for.

Margaret Fleming - Taranaki
Ragroyalty Prince Robbie

We recently purchased our Simba from Selena, and he is a stunning little boy. He is such a lovely, sweet kitten and has adjusted into our home so quickly. We have been provided with plenty of information and fantastic advice right from the beginning. I would recommend her kittens to anyone!

Nicole Pemberton - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Oakley

We purchased our beautiful ragdoll kitten, Laci, from Selena. She settled very quickly into our home (with two other cats & a dog) and is so confident and playful. Selena had lots of great advice for us and helped with our selection of the best kitten for our family environment.

Jenni Gaze - Auckland
Ragroyalty Princess Laci

Paris is our first kitten from this breeder. I would not hesitate in recommending her as she is amazing. It is clear that she is passionate as well as highly experienced. She clearly puts in so much time and energy into each kitten. Paris adjusted into our household from the moment she came home and is the most adjusted, savvy and intelligent kitten I have every had. Lots of work by the breeder has gone into this gift for our family.

Amber Ranganui - Auckland
Ragroyalty City of Romance

Selena is an amazing breeder. you can tell she does everything she can to make sure all her kittens are healthy. I am so happy with my baby boy, he has the most loving friendly nature. I am loving the private Ragroyalty family Facebook page where you get to see all your fur babies relatives grow. Would recommend Selena 100%.Hopefully I will be back for a 3rd addition to our furry family

Emma Holmes - Auckland
Ragroyalty Prince Bleu

Our boy Jarvis is the first Ragdoll we have sourced from Selena at Ragroyalty. We would not dream of going anywhere else again. We are in the South Island and couldn’t visit to let a fur baby pick us but that didn’t stop Selena finding us the perfect addition for our family. She was bang on with her recommendation for a kitten with the right temperament and personality. Jarvis is an absolute sweetheart and makes us laugh and love him more every day. Just by talking with Selena it is obvious the love and care she puts in to each and every one of her kittens and it is so great to be able to be in continued contact with her should we ever need her advice. The Ragroyalty family is most definitely a caring and welcoming group to be a part of and share in the love of our Raggies. Thank you Selena for your commitment to this beautiful breed.

Maria Yellowlees - Timaru
Ragroyalty Prince Hunter

I was looking for a playmate for my 11 month old Ragdoll boy. Selena had a kitten available and it was meant be! Indie is just the dearest little girl and adjusted into her new home immediately! Indie is very well socialised and loving which is a reflection of the devoted care Selena gives to all her cats and kittens. Selena goes above and beyond! All her kittens have had 2 vaccinations and are microchipped before they leave her care and also come with a comprehensive information booklet. She is always available for ongoing support and advice and her knowledge of the Ragdoll breed is extensive. Thank you so much Selena, I highly recommend Ragroyalty Ragdolls!

Ros Meads - Fielding
Ragroyalty Princess Indigo

As I type this our gorgeous boy is lying on me, purring contentedly, making bread and is just so so happy! I have no hesitation in recommending Selena to get your future Ragdoll from. When we first got in touch with Selena to chat about Ragdolls, she was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable that we immediately warmed to her. When she said that she had one of her fur babies (which she was intending to keep) but as her kitten fitted the exact description of what we wanted, then she made the hard decision for herself to let him go with us. She did this as she felt strongly that he would fit in perfectly with us, and she always puts her kittens and cats first and foremost. Selena is completely devoted to her fur babies and is always there for advice and help. Our lives have been enriched by having one of her Ragdolls in our lives. Thank you Selena!

O'Hagan Family - Auckland
Ragroyalty Star of the Show

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